FACEBOOK - Security and Deleting Account

Is leaving Facebook the only way to protect your data? READ HERE

For those that decide deletion is the best option, users can head to the delete my account page, which explains that once gone, information cannot be retrieved. 

The page is not easy to find on the site and requires quite a few steps:

  • From the top right of the blue bar, click the downward arrow

  • Select settings

  • Click General

  • Click Manage Account

  • Click Request Deletion 

  • In the pop-up box, which is aimed at people who want to delete their account in the event of their death, click Learn More

  • Scroll down to the section headed Deleting Your Account and click on the link

Facebook advises users who delete their account to download a copy of their information before they delete it. They also warn users that the process can take up to 90 days, during which time the information is inaccessible to others using the platform.

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